Stories beneath our feet: exploring the geology and landscapes of Victoria and surrounds

by Leon Costermans and Fons VandenBerg (Costermans Publishing) $82

A hard-cover book of 660 pages explaining the geological origins of the diverse landscapes in southeastern Australia, written to appeal to a wide range of readers with interests in the natural environment; it does not assume a geological background.

This book is intended for land managers, teachers and senior students of environmental subjects, ecologists, naturalists, tour group leaders, outdoor activity leaders, or simply interested travellers. It examines the stories behind the wide range of landforms, rock types and life-forms through geological time, and emphasises geological influences in ecosystems.

Stories beneath our feet makes suggestions for field activities suitable for various age groups. It includes over 1870 high quality photos, digital images, geological maps, and diagrams; and has a comprehensive glossary, user-friendly indexes and other supplementary descriptive lists.

Published – Frankston, VIC: Costermans Publishing, 2022.

Stories beneath our feet includes comprehensive colour maps and photos

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